Bean Sawyer                                                         

Stained Glass Artist, Painter & Writer                                                                                                                                

Bean first had a taste of Stained Glass at the age of 15 when, in a rebellious move, decided to pursue an alternative work experience week at Walcot Reclamation Yard in Bath with a Stained Glass Artist, rather than working in an office as the school was suggesting!

This was the start of a fascination into the craft which sat on the back burner with her as she went through Art College coming out the other end with an HND in Illustration.

She sparked the fire up again when she became a mother in 1993, relearning the craft in-between child care, until she felt confident enough to take on her first commission. Since then she has brought light and colour into many homes. More recently Bean has merged her illustration and love of writing into her Stained Glass projects, creating some interesting pieces of art at her home studio in Crymych.

Bean is also dedicated to running small workshops to help others on their Stained Glass journey, hopefully to inspire and fuel their fascination of this wonderful craft.